Introduction to Green Entrepreneurship Opportunities
Part 1: 5 Weeks FREE Online Course

Application Opens: 5th June 2016 (World Environment Day)
Application Closes: 18th July 2016 (Nelson Mandela Day)
The project is tagged “Project GEO” – GEO stands for ‘Green Entrepreneurship Opportunities’.


This online workshop is the first part of a two-part process. Part 2 of the workshop will be conducted through a 21-day boot camp in Cape Town, South Africa. Only successful participants in the online introductory workshop will be shortlisted to take part in the ‘fully-sponsored’ boot camp course, where candidates will be trained and mentored on how to design green enterprise projects, which will be fully funded by Green Shift Africa, relevant donor agencies and our partners. Project GEO is a scope-driven product initiated to solve an identified gap in Africa. The compelling thing about the value proposition Green Shift Africa Forum intends to promote with ‘Project GEO’ is the dearth of requisite skills to match the inevitable growth of the green market in Africa. Thus the need for skills enhancement brought about by well-targeted education and training. This becomes necessary so as to ensure that Africa’s growth strategy is well-blended with youth empowerment and skills acquisitions for career advancement and job opportunities in the green economy sector, and the opportunities it presents i.e. green technology, green business practices and environmental protection.

The uniqueness of Green Shift Africa Forum value proposition lies in our approach to finding solutions to the green skills challenge. Through Education and Training ranging from a popular medium like the internet (online/virtual) to a camp based direct (face to face) medium, Green Shift Africa Forum intends to deliver the expertise needed by Africans to plug this skills gap. Our proposed method sets us apart from the few others who might have similar ideas mainly because of our ability to streamline the broad segments of green skills into this unique program, and our capability to deliver on this using the vast resources within and outside our organization.

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